Characteristic :

Handy portable type densitometer
High Accuracy±0.03 D
No warm-up time 
Program Mode for custom calibration
Extremely wide light range of between 650 Cd/m² and 320 000 Cd/m²
Light illuminated 4 digit LCD display with low battery indicator
Long life due to its low power consumption
Rugged design, whole alloy aluminium                                                              
USB connect to PC for calibration - New Added 


Technical Specifications:
Range: 650Cd/m² -320 000 Cd/m²                   
(5000Lux - 1000 000Lux) Density: 0.00-5.00 D*
* We strongly suggest DT-100 work with FV series LED viewers. 
Optical Aperture: 3mm diameter
Probe Temperature compensated Display: 4 digit LCD
Accuracy: ±0.03 D
Resolution: 0.01D
Repeatability: 0.02D 
Custom calibration range:-0.19 ~ +0.19D 
(Program Mode)
Detector: Silicon photodiode
Power supply: (AA/1.5V)x2-Alkaline Battery
Battery life: 1200 hours
(Continuous duty, without illuminated)
Dimensions: 160mm x 65mm x 23mm
Weight: 260g